Scott County High Point Trip Report

Author: John Mitchler

On bluffs along the Illinois River in western IL, these two spots are easily accessed on private property. Dick Ellsworth does good reporting. I found his Hillside Drive going along the base of the bluff. To reach Moore Road, turn east on 475N or 700E. I was escorted at gunpoint to the BM Sand 1939 by Hayden & Trent. Now before you trespass worrywarts get excited, let me explain that the two boys were out blasting wildlife with their new Christmas presents and father Jerry suggested they go along with me. The HP hill is clear and has nice views. The Rumple's house is guarded by chickens, ducks, goats, cats, and a dog.

Unlike Jon Mann and Dick Ellsworth, I did not follow the driveway which accesses the southern area. I drove east 0.6 mile on 2805N (turnoff just north of Greene-Scott county line) and noticed a field road on the left (north). Unfortunately there was a red metal gate across it. I walked the road north about 0.7 mile to the highpoint. Most of the distance is cornfield but the highpoint is an open-woods hillock along the bluff edge. The shed and drive are south of the HP.

NOTE: At the base of the bluff on 2805N there are limestone quarries. Stop and notice the thick layer of loess which overlays the lime. This is compacted wind-blown glacial flour. Although very soft, it is compacted enough to allow birds to carve holes in it and in fact was used by townsfolk to create caves to avoid canon fire during the siege of Vicksburg.