Woodford County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: March 31, 2002
Authors: John Mitchler and Tim Worth

This rural farm county is in central Illinois, just east of Peoria. The HPs consist of a grouping of 16 areas scattered along IL116 west of Metamora, and a separate group of 7 areas at the Woodford/Mclean county line. Many of the areas could be positively eliminated by hand-leveling and the results of our extensive leveling is available upon request from John. You may need a topo for this county, although it is not absolutely essential.

For the first grouping, we numbered the areas 1 through 16 from west to east along IL116. Area #16 is the closest to Metamora, and is fairly prominent. From the intersection of IL89 and IL116 in Metamora, go west on IL116 for 1.1 miles. The HP is at the large brown brick house shown on the topo (the southwestern-most of the two houses shown).

Areas #11-15 are to the west of this house, in fields near a residential drive, but each proved lower than the house at #16. Areas #8-10 are near the intersection of IL116 and CR750E. Of these, #9 leveled higher than the other two, on the north side of IL116. Area #7 is the large contour which covers the highway. The HP for #7 is at an uninhabited house and the Durst BM (not found) and it leveled about equal with #9.

The remaining 6 areas are west of Hickory Point Road, the highest of these is at Hickory Point Cemetery, marked as #4. It leveled about equal to #7. The cemetery is 3.5 miles west of IL89 in Metamora and 7.5 miles east of US150.

So of the 16 areas, we believe the only viable highpoints are 1) the brown house at area #16, 2) Area #9 on the north side of IL116, 3) House and Durst BM at Area #7, and 4) Hickory Point Cemetery at area #4.

Investigation of the second grouping resulted in a surprise. One of the HPs isn't even located at a 850 ft contour! Instead it is at the site of a house shown at 840+ ft. This is a great example of how plowing and soil erosion can lower elevation in farm fields.

Directions: From Goodfield, take US150 ~8.5 miles east to Woodford County Road 22. Drive a quarter mile east on CR22 to the house at the top of the ridge. Park here. The seven areas listed are in the fields surrounding this house, but it pretty obvious the house site sits at least as high as anything in the fields. Area #1 is the knob which touches the US150 shield on the topo, #2 is the liner south of the house, #3 is the contour north of the house, #4 is the contour north of area #3, #5 is the long, string-like contour along the fence line and county line. On inspection with a hand level, area #5 on the fence line leveled close with the house. The others leveled lower.

Areas #6 and #7 can be accessed by driving east about 4 miles from the house to CR750E and heading north a quarter mile to the county line. Look for a DAR Lincoln monument at the county line. Area #6 is to the west along the county line. Area #7 to the east is a bubble just north of the county line. Both of these are eroded and are slightly lower than the house.