Boone County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 2, 2002
Author: Bob Schwab

Four of these areas are located near Lebanon, while the other five are clustered around Jamestown, Indiana.

one area in section 20-19N-1E (spot elevation 984 ft)

From the intersection of Indiana Routes 39 and 32 in the center of Lebanon, proceed north on Route 39 for 0.6 mile and turn right on Ulen Drive. Drive east on Ulen for 1 mile, which becomes Elizaville Road after going through two or three stop signs. Turn sharply right and continue east on Elizaville Road for another 1.2 miles to a grey stone house on your left (2430 Elizaville Rd). Jerry and Sharon Richardson own the stone house, and Jerry's father, John lives in the house immediately south. Get permission from these folks to stroll up the grassy hill west of their house to area 1 (spot elevation 984 ft). The Richardsons were quite friendly and knew this was a high spot in the county.

one area in section 3-18N-1E (980+ ft)

From the intersection of Routes 39 and 32 in the center of Lebanon, proceed east on Route 32 for 3.25 miles to 300 E Road. Turn right and drive south for 0.4 mile. Park along the road near the south side of a fence line running east. Hike east and then southeast into this bean field to area 2 (40° 01.853' N, 86° 24.397' W). You must cross a low ridge to clearly see this spot since it is partially obscured when viewed from where you parked your car. An alternative approach might be made from the south (100 S Road) where there is a short drive to an abandoned building. In either case, the field must be open if you plan to successfully visit area 2.

two areas in sections 11/14-18N-1E (980+ ft)

From the previous area, continue south on 300 E Road to 100 S Road. Turn left and go east 0.4 mile to Holmes Road. Turn right and drive 1 mile south and southeast on Holmes. You will cross an abandoned railroad grade and will arrive at 400 E Road. Jog north across the grade and continue following the grade southeast on Kern Road for 0.5 mile. At this point you will see two houses before you on opposite sides of the right-of-way. The stone house on the north (4425 Kern) is owned by Myron Cragun and the highest spot appears to be east of his house in the front yard. Cross the railroad right-of-way and visit the white house on the knoll to the south. This home is owned by Denny Esslinger (4375 E 200 S Road). Mr. Esslinger thought his neighbor's place was a bit higher, but hand level checks in both directions seemed to indicate otherwise. I think Mr. Esslinger's property is higher. Future visitors - bring your hand levels and decide for yourself.

two areas in section 11-17N-2W (one with spot elevation 984 ft)

Leave Interstate 74 at Exit 52 and drive south on Route 75 for 0.7 mile. Look for a long driveway to the left just before you get to a cemetery on the right. Drive in to a brick house and ask for permission to walk east into the bean field. Park near the bend in the driveway and hike east along the northern side of a fence line. The first spot (area 5) is just a short distance east, right along the edge of the fence/field. Area 6 is another 0.15 mile east out in the field, and is the spot elevation (984 ft) site. This area can only be visited when the fields are empty.

two areas in section 2-17N-2W (980+ ft)

Leave Interstate 74 at Exit 52 and drive south on Route 75 for 0.35 mile. Turn left at 700 S Road and drive east a little more than 1 mile to 700 E Road. Turn left and go north for 0.65 mile to a white house on the left. There is a low ridge that runs north-south about 0.1 mile west of the house. This grassy ridge (area 7) appears to be higher than another spot (area 8) which is just north out in the adjacent bean field. No one was at home when I visited, so I made a quick visit to both areas and left. The topo map suggests that BM Keesling (listed as 984 feet) is located near the southern fence line that crosses area 7, but I didn't find it.

one area in section 12-17N-2W (980+ ft)

From the intersection of 700 W and 700 S Roads, travel east on 700 S Road. Follow the road 1.3 miles as it angles to the northeast and becomes Middle Jamestown Road. Turn right (south) on 600 W Road and go 1.2 miles to 750 S Road. Turn right and go 0.25 mile west on 750 Road to a gate in the corner of a cattle pasture. Park here and hike northwest into the pasture to the highpoint (area 9). On the day I visited, the cattle were very curious and followed me up to the crest. If you're intimidated by cows, this one could be a bit scary!