Brown County High Point Trip Report

three areas on Weed Patch Hill - one as BM 1058 (1,050+ ft)

Date: June 7, 2001
Author: Bob Schwab

Brown County is perhaps one of the most scenic areas in Indiana. The county high points are located in Brown County State Park, which is near Nashville, Indiana. You can enter the park either from the west (about 4 miles west from Nashville on Indiana 46) or from the north (about 1.75 miles east of Nashville on Indiana 46). I drove in the north entrance, which crosses a stream on a double-covered bridge.

The entrance fee was $5.00 for out-of-state vehicles, but you do get a map which clearly shows where the fire tower on Weed Patch Hill is located. Follow the main road south as it twists and rises for three miles to the fire tower and BM (area 1). The 1050 ft contour encompasses a very large area, which not only includes the entire parking lot, but also spills over to the Hoosier's Nest house to the south. It was obvious that the highest ground is close to the tower, but I could not locate BM 1058' either under the tower, or in the grass near the trees to the west. You can climb up the tower for quite an impressive view of the surrounding valleys and forest.

Retrace your route for about 0.4 mile to the north until you come to a three-way intersection with open grassy areas surrounding it. The area within the intersecting roads is area 2. There is a higher mound of earth immediately to the east, but this is a man-made leaching field so obviously it doesn't count.

Area 3 is a small area of undisturbed ground in the woods to the east of the road, approximately 200 feet north of the northernmost part of the three-way intersection. A little bushwhacking is required since there is no trail.

It seemed to me that area 3 was a little higher than area 2, but I think both areas are lower than the area near the fire tower. Visit all three spots and decide for yourself.