Carroll County High Point Trip Report

Date: January 6, 2002
Author: Bob Schwab

From the intersection of Indiana Routes 26 and 29 in Middlefork, proceed north on Route 29 for 0.6 mile to 950 N Road. Turn right on 950 N and drive east for 1.15 miles to 730 E Road. Turn left on 730 E and go north for 0.5 mile to a small sign that marks the Clinton County line. I parked here along the edge of the road and hiked west 0.25 mile on the north side of the fence to a corner where some of the fence was down. This fence corner is where Clinton, Howard and Carroll Counties come together. Cross the fence and walk a few hundred feet north on the west side (Carroll County) to a low rise (area 1). The highest area is right at the fence line.

Area 2 is approximately another 0.25 mile west along the northern edge of an east-west fence line. I thought one of the highest spots was along the fence on the eastern edge of the contour, but another area out in the field just east of a small woods appeared to be equally as high. The man who owns this large bean field lives in a house about 1 mile directly north of where you parked your car. His home is just south of a church. The neighbors said he spends the winter in Florida, but they thought my visit would be OK since the fields are barren and frozen in January. This area can also be approached from the north (750 S Road in Carroll County) where I talked to several of the homeowners, but I chose the eastern access route because it seemed like the shortest route.