Clark County High Point Trip Report

"areas 3 and 4" (1,030+ ft)

Date: November 17, 2001
Author: Bob Schwab

This is an update to the original report for Clark County that I filed on November 4 2001 and describes an easier alternate route to area # 4. See my original report for a review of the four areas in the county.

To approach areas 3 and 4, you start at the intersection of Carey Road (S. County Line Road) with Indiana Route 160 (the Washington County line). To the south of this intersection is a gated dirt track, but there is a parking area that can accommodate about three cars. Park here and begin to hike up the track.

Soon you will pass to the right of a camp (posted) and will then ascend steeply up to the ridge. The road/track runs roughly southeast along the ridge, and goes right over the top of area 3 about 1.25 miles from where you parked your car (38° 33.181' N, 85° 49.982' W).

As you continue east, the track bends toward the south and drops down rather suddenly. To the east across the gap, you can see the top of a very narrow ridge where area 4 is located. The first time I approached this spot, I bushwhacked down a steep ravine, then up the other side, but I discovered a faint trail at the top which made me believe there was an easier approach somewhere. Two weeks later I returned and found that the best approach from area 3 is to continue on the road as it bends south and drops. In a short while the path levels out, rises just a bit, and then turns even more southerly. Watch for a very faint ridge that goes off to the northeast. If you go too far south (on the dirt track) you'll cross the Knobstone Trail, so backtrack and look carefully for the faint ridge. Bushwhack into the woods and as you follow this faint ridge, the "trail" will get better and the ridge will soon become more obvious. It seems to head northeast, then curves to the east. You'll cross directly under a hunter's stand (which was occupied by a real hunter when I visited) and will eventually end at the high point, where there are two iron posts stuck in the ground (38° 33.030' N, 85° 49.694' W). The hike along this route from area 3 to area 4 is roughly another 0.4 mile.

All the land to the north of this ridge is privately owned. The owner, Mr. Lynn Jarrett lives in the last house on the left as you ascend up Route 160 going west (mailbox #11504?). An alternative approach is to hike up the steep northern slope directly to areas 3 and 4 from Mr. Jarrett's house. He is quite protective of his environment, but was friendly and helpful to me. He gave me permission to hike up the northern slope, and later helped me search for my glasses after I slipped and lost them. The ascent up the north slope from Mr.Jarrett's house is the most challenging route I've hiked in Indiana. This trail-less route is too steep for most visitors, so I strongly recommend that the dirt road access be used. You'll enjoy the hike up the road a lot more, and since it's all within the Clark State Forest, you don't have to ask anyone for permission to visit areas 3 and 4.

Overall, Clark County provides one of the better high pointing experiences you'll encounter in Indiana.