DeKalb County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: March 10, 2007
Author: John Hasch

Road mileages

0.0 - Leave work (Tax return office) and head to Coldwater Road - turn left (north)
          and continue into rural area where the road is also named IN 327.
17.3 - Intersection with IN 8 - continue north.
22.2 - Pass green "Corunna" city sign on the right.
22.7 - Road comes to T-intersection with US 6 after crossing over the railroad tracks;
            turn left (west) to continue following IN 327.
23.2 - Turn right (north) as IN 327 leaves US 6. This is the Bob Schwab intersection.
26.2 - Intersection with CR 12. Turn left (west).
26.7 - Continue over the knoll and park alongside the road.

There are two CoHPs that lie next to each other on the south side of CR 12 at the knoll which is also across from a white farmhouse on the north side of the road. I found the field pull-out that was referred to by Bob Schwab, but the ground was too muddy. I parked along the side of the road well beyond the knoll because I feared getting stuck in the mud.

I hiked up the hill to survey the two areas. It was such a nice day that I decided to continue hiking east to find the first break in the fence so I could enter the field. About 1/4 mile away, I found a spot where the fence had been knocked down and was lying on the ground. I entered the field, turned around, and walked back to the west. I hiked over the two high spots and returned to my car after hopping the fence in the northwest corner near a telephone pole.

I used my altimeter to take some relative altitude readings (RAR). The RAR was 1,040 feet at the car when I left and 1,036 feet when I returned. The field directly across from the house showed 1,049 feet and the field farther west (nearer my car) showed a RAR of 1,053 feet. Thus, the western hill appeared to be a couple feet higher. Actual topography in this area is 1,060+ feet.


Time In, Out: 12:41 pm, 1:14 pm
Temperature: sunny, low 50s
Wind: Breezy
Tools/Aids: Pedometer, altimeter
Steps/Distance hiked: 1,168 steps - about 0.6 mile