Delaware County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 19, 2001
Author: Bob Schwab

three areas (1100+ ft)

Take US 35 southeast from Muncie. After you drive through Mt. Pleasant, watch for a large farm on your left and shortly thereafter an intersection (not signed) which marks the county line. This is East County Line Road. This intersection is 2.1 miles from the center of Mt. Pleasant. Turn left (east) on the County Line Road and drive for 2.5 miles to area 1, which is a contour that crosses the road from the south. I thought the highest spot was near the northern edge of the road between two telephone poles out in a bean field. Area 2 is a small spot about 0.4 mile out in the field due north of area 1. The actual spot is just to the east of a power line, and it hand levels lower than either area 1 or area 3. Area 3 is 0.2 mile east of area 1 and is a small contour out in the beanfield close to the road. This area is just west of a beige trailer and mailbox for Couch (13800 E 800 S Road) and just east of where the power line crosses the county road.

three areas to the east (1100+ ft)

Continue east on county line road, crossing the intersection with 875 E Road. Note a large shop on the right and an obvious rise in the cornfield to your left (north). This is area 4 and it hand levels at about the same elevation as area 5 which is off to the northeast another 0.1 mile or so. The topo map incorrectly shows a woods here, but that has apparently been cleared years ago. Return to the intersection of County Line Road and 875 E Road and drive north 0.15 mile, stopping just short of a fence that runs to the east. You will find area 6 is a rise out in the field to your east, just south of this fence line.

five areas to the north (1100+ ft)

Drive north on 875 E Road to 700 S Road and turn left (west). Drive about 0.4 mile to a large brick house (the mailbox says Rex Miller 13308) and ask if you can hike through their back yard and out into the fields behind. If no one is home, you can park on the road and hike into the bean field just west of their property, but you'll have more muddy fields to tramp through. The largest and highest of the five areas is southeast of the Miller property. The other four areas in this cluster to the east, south and southwest are smaller and were significantly lower when checked with my hand level. All were clearly visible and easy to hike to from the highpoint in the big contour area.

Overall Delaware county's eleven areas are not that difficult to visit, providing the fields are empty and dry.