Fountain County High Point Trip Report

Date: January 21, 2002
Author: Bob Schwab

seven areas - one with spot elevation 773 ft (770+ ft)

From the town of Wingate, drive northwest on Route 55 to the Montgomery/Fountain County line. Turn left (south) on Mountain Road and immediately park. Hike up the prominent hill to your west to some nice views atop area 1.

Continue south on this gravel road for 0.6 mile to a gate just north of a fence line that runs west. Almost 0.5 mile to the west is a rise out in the cow pasture (area 2). You can hike along the fence to get there, but look out for those "bossy" cows! I thought that area 1 might be a bit higher than area 2, but both are worth visiting and offer some nice moderate views of the countryside.

Continue south on Mountain Road for roughly 1.3 miles to Grain Bin Road and turn right. Proceed west along a ditch on your north and woods to your south until you come to an opening near the western edge of the woods. There was one sign posted nearby, but the neighbors said the owner probably wouldn't mind a quick visit if all I wanted to do was take a GPS reading on the high spot in the woods. Park in the opening and follow a lane that meanders into the woods past an old shed. Near the crest in the path, go right and find area 3.

Return to Mountain Road and continue to drive south for 1.4 more miles. Pass Short Road and watch for a house on the left and some large metal grain bins on your right. Follow a faint farm path west past these bins to a small spot that is area 4.

Continue south on Mountain Road for another 0.1 mile to where 650 N Road comes in from the east. Park here and walk north along the edge of the road. The topo map indicates that the highest ground in area 5 is south of this intersection, but my eyes tell me that the area north of the intersection is clearly higher.

From the intersection, hike west into the field along the fence line for a short distance to the spot elevation site (773 feet) and area 6.

Continue south on Mountain Road for another 0.15 mile and hike west out into the cornfield. No buildings exist here now, but this slight rise is area 7.

three small areas in section 2-19N-7W (770+ ft)

From the intersection of US 136 and State Route 341 in Hillsboro, go east two blocks to Park Avenue and turn left (north). Drive north all the way through town to 50 S Road which runs along the southern edge of the interstate highway. Turn left and go west for 0.5 mile to where the main road turns left (south). Turn into a dirt road that continues west along the edge of the interstate fence and follow it for 0.5 mile to a gate. Park here and hike southwest roughly 0.5 mile across a cornfield toward two prominent areas that are in an adjacent bean field. These two small spots (areas 8 and 9) provide moderate views of the interstate highway and the surrounding countryside. From here hike east-northeast 0.7 mile, through an opening in the fence and across a hayfield to a prominent third spot (area 10) which is just south of the dirt road you drove in on. From here, exit northwest and find an opening in the fence near the corner of the field which will allow you an easy return to your vehicle.

four areas (770+ ft)

From Hillsboro, drive south on Route 341 for 4 miles to Prairie Chapel Road. Turn left and proceed east for 2.5 miles to Foxworthy Road. You are now within an extremely large contour that has a spot elevation of 771 feet in this intersection. Turn right into a farm lane and drive south for almost 0.5 mile to the home of Earnest Ellis. You will approach his house from the rear, but will travel the entire way within the area 11 contour. Mr. Ellis has observed the drainage patterns in his fields for many years and correctly identified the highest spot west of his house in the cornfield (I checked this with my hand level).

Return to the intersection of Prairie Chapel Road and Foxworthy Road. Drive north on Foxworthy about 0.2 mile to a white house on the left. The house and yard sit on a small but distinct spot (area 12). Unfortunately, no one was home on the day I visited.

Continue north roughly another 0.4 mile to a white oil tank on the left side of the road. The buildings shown on my topo map no longer exist, but there is a place to park near the tank. Hike east into the cornfield a short distance to a contour that represents area 13.

Return to your vehicle and continue north to Carlson Road. Turn right and drive east about 0.25 mile, passing a house on your left to a fence line that runs south. This is the northeast arm of another large contour (area 14) and you can spot some higher areas out in the field to the south. Continue east to Crooked Road and turn right (south). Continue south on Crooked Road as it passes a farm that also sits on this same area. Turn right (west) where Ingersoll Road comes in and park along the road just where it crests. I hiked north into the cornfield and found what I think may be the highest spot in area 14, but there are many other potential sites in this extensive area.

one small area in section 29-18N-6W (770+ ft)

From the intersection of Indiana Routes 341 and 234, drive east on Route 234 for 2 miles to Hollow Road. Turn left and drive north a little more than 0.5 mile to a prominent knob on your west occupied by a green and brick house with a four-bay garage (4172 Hollow Road). No one was home when I visited, but this spot (area 15) certainly has nice views. The highpoint is in the yard just north of the house.