Fulton County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 1, 2001
Author: Bob Schwab

one tiny area north (925+ ft)

At the junction of US 31 and Indiana 110 on the county line, proceed east 0.5 mile on Route 110 to the intersection with old US 31. Turn right (south) and drive 2.8 miles past the large landfill on your right (probably the highest soil in the county, but man-made) to the entrance to a Presbyterian retreat called the Geneva Center. Drive in about 0.25 mile to the Geneva Center and ask at the office for permission to visit the highpoint. From the parking lot, walk south on a path past the swimming pool to the woods. Take the left fork and go past the amphitheater to the hill behind. Turn right (west) and walk along under the electric line right-of-way for only about 100 feet to a medium tree on your right. This tiny area immediately surrounding the tree is the northernmost high spot in Fulton County.

one small area in field near Route 114 (920+ ft)

Drive east from Rochester on Route 114 to the town of Akron. From the blinker in the center of Akron, proceed 3.5 miles southeast on Route 114. You will pass a farm just 0.1 mile before seeing a rise on the left side of the road. This area is just 0.25 mile north of the intersection with 1475 E Road. The high point is out in the cornfield just about 80 feet from the highway. You can either park along the highway and jump the fence (avoid the triangular fenced area) or ask at the farm whether you can cut through their barnyard to gain access to this field. Don't plan to visit here when crops are planted.

five areas including spot elevation 927 feet (920+ ft)

From the site above, drive northwest on Route 114 about 0.9 mile to the intersection with 1425 E Road. Turn right and drive north and east for 1.5 miles to the intersection with 1500 E Road. I went south about 0.25 mile and parked on the edge of a very large alfalfa field. I hiked east across the field, crossed a fence at the corner, crossed another fence and made my way to the obvious high spot in the cornfield. This fairly large area (area 3) is the spot elevation site (927 ft), and hand level sightings confirmed that this area is higher than the small area to the south (area 4). I continued east across the cornfield, walking along the northern edge of a woods to another spot (area 5) which extends in the adjacent cornfield and woods. Back sightings confirmed that area 3 is higher than area 5. I also took several sightings of two smaller areas out in the cornfield to the northeast and east (areas 6 and 7). Area 6 is lower, and area 7 looked about the same as area 5. The spot elevation site (area 3) is the highest of this cluster of five high points, but you can only confirm this when there are no crops planted in the fields.

After returning to my van, I drove north 0.5 mile on 1500 E Road to the county line and turned right (east) on 100 S Road. I stopped at the Silver Creek Church of God and cemetery to survey the fields I had crossed. I think a better approach might be from the north since there aren't as many barriers and fences to cross. I believe the field with the spot elevation is owned by the farm just to the west. I knocked at the house, but no one was home. The name was Shepherd, and the mailbox said Route 1, Box 75. Future visitors could ask these folks for permission, or perhaps park at the church and hike south across the fields for a more direct approach to this area.

You are only a few miles west from three of the nine areas that make up the high points of Wabash County, so consider visiting them as well when you are in this area.