Grant County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 19, 2001
Author: Bob Schwab

From the center of Upland, drive south on State Route 22 over a railroad bridge to a blinker at the intersection of Main (Rt 22) and Berry Streets (600 S Road). Turn left (east) and drive 0.4 mile to a field access pull-off on the north side of the road. Park here and hike northeast across two cornfields to a third field on top of a ridge. Hike to the back (northeast corner) of the ridge, near a large tree with a hunter's stand in it. This is the highpoint of area 1 (40° 28.232' N, 85° 29.105' W).

Leave area 1 by hiking directly west, down the hill. You will cross a second field and will find a field access road that runs north into the woods. Follow it through the woods until you come to a grassy area that slopes north. Hike to the western edge of this grassy area and follow a faint ATV "path" through the thorn bushes that crosses a creek and then rises up the western bank to another cornfield. Hike west across the field to a fence and then follow it north to the top of the rise. Area 2 straddles this fence line and is due west from a pond that isn't marked on the topo map. There is a hole in the fence so you can inspect the western side of the contour if you wish (more cornfields), but I believe the highest spot is just east from the fence line. Only visit this area when you know the fields are clear.