Greene County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 3, 2001
Author: Bob Schwab

Drive southwest from Bloomington, Indiana on Route 45 and watch for the Greene County line about 1 mile after you go through the town of Stanford. As Route 45 bends south, take 450N Road to the right (west). Almost immediately, you will see a church and 1390E Road going to the right (north). Take 1390E Road and drive north for 2 miles. You will cross a rickety railroad bridge in 1.4 miles and you pass a man-made pond near the 2-mile mark. Find a dirt drive going off to your right along the edge of an open area, and follow it for 0.6 mile as it bends left, then right, then sharply left again. As the road turns to the right and really begins to drop down, watch for a right-of-way on your left that is somewhat cleared for the power lines.

I parked here at the edge of the road and hiked west on a cleared path that starts out under the wires, but then meanders to the south and ends up along a small man-made pond in the woods. From the west side of the pond, head northwest up a gradual rise past an old ruin and through a menacing tangle of briars to the highpoint which is just west of two curious holes dug into the ground. Perhaps these holes were to be the foundation for a communications tower, but the tangle of berry briars indicates this spot has been neglected for some time. According to my topo map, this is the 932 foot spot elevation site at coordinates (39 deg 7.014 min N, 86 deg 41.184 min W).

As I bushwhacked east to get back to my van, I encountered a large freestanding beehive (4 golden honeycombs were attached to the branches) only about 10 feet off the ground. I snapped some pictures, but soon realized the bees knew I was there, so I beat a hasty retreat. If you visit this area, watch for the bees and be prepared for the briars.