Hamilton County High Point Trip Report

two small areas in SE quadrant of SW quadrant (980+ ft)

Date: January 2, 2001
Author: Jon Mann

From Hamilton/Boone county line on IN 38, just west of town of Sheridan IN: Take IN 38 west for 0.3 mile to grain elevator. The first high point is in the parking lot of the elevator near the road (east of elevator). There might be some slightly higher ground in the field just to the east of the parking lot, but the lot was plowed and the field wasn't. I will return later when there is no snow to reconfirm the exact high ground.

The second high point is 0.1 mile east along IN 38. It is a noticeable rise, topped by a small wooded cage. There is a fence between the road and the highpoint, but if you park at highpoint #1 and walk to the second highpoint, there is an area where the fence is gone, and there where numerous footprints in the snow through it. I believe the 2nd area is the highest, but it was getting too dark to hand-level.