Hendricks County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 20, 2001
Author: Bob Schwab

one large area in section 30-16N-1W (1030+ ft)

From the intersection of US 36 and Indiana 39 in Danville, drive 1.4 miles northwest on Route 39 to the intersection with State Route 236. Continue on Route 236 for another 2 miles to a large AT&T tower on the right. Park here and walk west up along the fence to a small cemetery. This is one of the higher spots along this ridge, all of which occupies the 1030 foot contour. This large area has several candidates for the highest spot, including the rise in the middle of the road at the northwestern end of the ridge, but after extensive checking with my hand level, I decided the highest area is behind the house of Larry Miller (second house on the left, going northwest from the AT&T tower). He told me that his property has been struck eight times by lightning -- something to think about when visiting on rainy days.

one area in section 24-16N-2W (1030+ ft)

Area 2 is roughly 0.75 mile northwest from the AT&T tower, a short distance beyond the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. This area starts near a single gravestone on the left and takes in a large brick house that stands prominently on the north side of the road. I believe the front drive up to the house is the highest spot within this area, but I don't think this area is as high as Mr. Miller's back yard. Bring your hand level when you visit and judge for yourself.

one area in section 6-15N-1W (1030+ ft)

From the intersection of US 36 and Indiana 39 in Danville, drive 1.5 miles west on US 36 to 200 W Road. Turn right (north) and proceed another 0.8 mile to a house on the ridge to the right with a long driveway (mailbox Pedigo). I knocked at the house, found no one home, but did a quick check with my hand level to determine that the high spot (for area 3) is right in yard near the circle in the drive.

two areas in section 31-16N-1W (1030+ ft)

From the Pedigo driveway, continue north on 200 W Road for about 0.2 mile to a small jog in the road. Find a field access pull-off and park here. Hike west across a cornfield to a second field and head for a small clump of trees that contains an old cemetery. A spot about 200 feet west of the cemetery appeared to be the high point of area 4 (39° 46.538' N, 86° 33.856' W). A hand level check indicates the cemetery may be just about as high, given the field erosion caused by continuous plowing and runoff over the years. This area extends northwest and crosses over an obvious fence line into an adjacent field. If you hike to the northwest corner of this contour, you will find another small contour (area 5) in the adjacent field, but a hand level check suggests it is lower than area 4.

Please note that several of these areas require crop-free fields to properly locate and compare their elevations. Plan your visit accordingly.