Jasper County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 10, 2001
Author: Bob Schwab

Turn off Interstate 65 at exit 201 and head west on US 24 through the town of Remington. About 4 miles west of town, watch for a large radio tower on the left side of the road. After passing the tower, watch for an intersection with 1080 W Road. Turn left (south) and proceed 2 miles to an intersection with 1900 S Road (Jasper County side of the road). Turn right (west) and drive 0.3 mile to a very neat house and yard on the right side of the road (11118 W 1900 S Road). Area one encircles the house, while area two is just behind the cedar hedge and extends out into what is now their back lawn. I believe area one is generally higher, with one of the highest spots on the lawn directly south of the house (40.73683 deg N, 87.25533 deg W). Since you are in the area, you may also want to visit the six high points in adjacent Newton County which are just down the road a mile or two.