Jefferson County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 15, 2001
Author: Levi Foust

four areas within 1/4 mile of east county line (970+ ft)

Two of these areas are not located on an apex, but on the county border as the apex lies in neighboring Switzerland County. The land is extremely flat and is no more than 975'on the county line. The other 2 areas have their home on nearby Poplar Ridge. The smaller of the two areas is also less than 975'. I am confident that the large area on Poplar Ridge contains the highest point of these 4. Specifically, it is located in the field a few hundred feet SSW of the house.

two areas near north county line (970+ ft)

One of these areas is a run-over from neighboring Ripley County and crosses the road just west of the area fully within Jefferson County. The eastern area with its apex in Jefferson County seems to be slightly higher, but to ensure that I bagged the highest point, I walked down the ever-so-slight ridge from north to south in the western area.

one area with radio tower (970+ ft)

Can't miss this one. Just drive right up to the tower and walk north a few paces. The highest point is in the uncultivated area where the anchoring cables of the tower meet the ground.