Jennings County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 18, 2002
Author: Bob Schwab

two areas on county line (890+ ft)

From the intersection of US 421 and Route 46 in Greensburg, drive south on US 421 for almost 0.9 mile to Millhousen Road (60 E Road). Turn right and drive south on Millhousen Road for 9.65 miles to the intersection with 1000 S Road. The paved road turns right, but continue south on a dirt road for 0.3 mile and park along the edge of the road, near a fence that runs diagonally off to the southwest. This fence is the county line, but it does not continue into the cornfield on the east side of the road. Thus, you'll either have to try to "sight" along the fence, or use your GPS to be sure where the line really is. Area 1 is quite large and extends down across the cornfield and into the woods to the south. I spent time wandering in the woods, but did not find higher ground than what I found in the mushy (muddy) cornfield. Area 2 was more problematic, since according to the topo map, it is barely a "liner" and is somewhat northeast of area 1. My GPS reading for area 2 was (39° 11.265' N, 85° 27.397' W) and the field sloped as expected, so I think I was in the right spot.

two areas on north county line (890+ ft)

From the previous location, drive north on 60 E Road to the intersection with 950 S Road. Turn right and drive east 0.9 mile and park along the edge of the road, just before the road dips down and bends to the left. Hike south into the field, but don't be misled by the fence that stops suddenly. One again, there are no markers to denote the county line which runs diagonally across this field. Area 3 is extremely large and extends south from the county line for over 0.5 mile. I used my hand level to verify that nothing south into the fields was as high. There is a 900 foot contour just north of the county line, so the line itself appears to be the highest spot in area 3. My GPS reading on the line was (39° 11.600' N, 85° 26.700' W). Area 4 is another spill-over spot to the northeast. I was initially confused about where the line was, and went too close to the woods. I eventually found the area, near the second small clump of trees to the east. My GPS reading for area 4 was (39° 11.666' N, 85° 26.580' W). Because this whole area slopes gently down from the 900 foot contour area in adjacent Decatur County, I believe areas 3 and 4 are probably the two highest spots in Jennings County.

four areas along east county line (890+ ft)

Continue east and north on 950 S Road for 1.3 miles to the town of Millhousen. Turn right in Millhousen (on 820 S Road) and drive east 1 mile to the intersection with 900 W Road. Turn right and go south on 900 W Road for 2.1 miles to 725 N Road. Turn right and drive west for almost 1.2 miles to the county line. Park on the north next to a small concrete block building. The four areas are all scattered right along the line, starting with the site (area 5) just to the right of where you have parked. Walk north along a path that parallels the line. Notice how the adjacent field just barely crosses the line (area 6). A bit farther back, you will come into a field where area 7 spreads out a bit. The highest spot appears to be right where the stones end in the pathway. Finally, area 8 can be found by walking back along the edge of the field to a slight rise near some small arborvitae trees. All four spots can be inspected in about ten minutes if you're fast. There was no one around when I visited, but there was evidence that someone may be planning to build a new structure here, since there were new boards stacked up near the cement block building.

one area near east county line (890+ ft)

Continue west on the dirt road for another 0.3 mile. The road drops down and then ascends up the hill to an open area. After you pass a house on your right, watch for a pull-off on the left into an overgrown field. Park here and hike northeast to the corner of the field, where you will find access to an adjacent field. Cross to the eastern edge of this field and then hike south along the fence/brush line to area 9. This is another intrusion of high ground from the adjacent county to the east. The highest spot seems to be right along the margin of the field (in the briars), where plowing has not lowered the soil levels. This hike was incredibly muddy.

All nine of these areas touch the county line in some way. I found my GPS to be very helpful in locating the diagonal county line for the difficult northern areas. Try to visit when the fields are clear and dry.