Madison County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 20, 2001
Author: Bob Schwab

three areas in 35-18N-8E (1010+ ft)

Drive west from New Castle on State Route 38 for 11 miles to the Madison/Henry county line. After you cross the line, watch for a rise in the field to the south. I parked along the road about 0.15 mile west of the county line and walked 0.1 mile south into the field to the high point of area 1. From here I could see two small areas (area 2 and 3) about 0.3 to 0.4 mile away to the south-southwest and a portion of a large contour area on the other side of some high tension lines. My hand level indicated that the two small areas were lower, but the large contour area appeared higher than area 1.

the large contour area (1010+ ft)

Drive east across the county line for 0.25 mile to 975 W Road and turn right (south). Drive south for about 1 mile and watch for where the high tension wires cross the road. You can look west across a bean and cornfield directly into the large contour area (the topo shows woods which have been cleared). I parked in a field access pull-off somewhat south of the high tension wires, close to the southern edge of the field and a woods. You must hike west for about 0.25 mile before you enter Madison County. I hiked around somewhat (but didn't completely Lobdellize the area) and sighted in all directions with my hand level. I believe one of the highest spots in area 4 is roughly on the bean/corn dividing line about 0.4 mile northwest of where I parked my van (39° 57.286' N, 85° 34.662' W). I also accessed area 4 from the south, but that part of the contour area appeared lower that the spot identified above. Access from the west was not attempted, since the farm road shown on the topo map is now overgrown and all buildings have disappeared.

five areas to the south and southwest in 2-17N-8E (1010+ ft)

Continue south on 975 W Road and turn right (west) on 1100 S to where the road crosses a creek. The field to the north is a continuation of area 4. Proceed west about 0.4 mile from the creek to a slight rise out in the field. This is area 5 and it appears to be lower than area 4. Continue west on 1100 S Road about another 0.3 mile to some houses on the right (mailboxes 4236 and 4210). The house (4210) and yard with all the cars in it appears to have the high spot of area 6 out back, and from there you can see the three remaining areas out in the field to the north. These final three spots (areas 7, 8, and 9) all hand level lower than area 6.

There is an active pack of dogs that live near these houses, so be prepared for them when you visit.