Randolph County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 11, 2001
Author: Bob Schwab

three small areas in section 35-16N-1W (1240+ ft)

From exit 153 on Interstate 70 near the city of Richmond, drive north on Indiana 227 for 10.2 miles to the Wayne/Randolph county line and the intersection with 1100 S Road. From this point, continue north for another 0.6 mile to a very neat farm on the left which is owned by Wanita Wiley (10396 South State 227). As you approach, you will notice a windmill sitting on an obvious high spot out in the field west of her home. Mrs. Wiley was very friendly and gave me permission to visit her windmill (area 1). She says several people stop here each year, some think that her place is the Indiana highpoint (the real state highpoint is about 1.5 miles to the southwest) and others want to buy her windmill, which is still in working condition.

As you approach the windmill, note a very large barn that sits way out in the field roughly 0.3 mile to the southwest. This barn sits on the second small area that should be visited (area 2) while in this section. The best approach is to return to the county line, drive west on 1100S Road for 0.25 mile and park along the edge of the road. Follow a faint trace along a fence line that used to be an access road to the barn and runs north. The barn and high spot (area 2) are just east of a high tension line. Area 3 is immediately west of this large barn, roughly 0.25 mile out in the cornfield. All three of these spots are quite small, and this third area will be particularly hard to detect unless all crops have been harvested.

three areas in section 34-16N-1W (1240+ ft)

Continue driving west on 1100S Road to the intersection with Elliot Road to the left (south). This intersection is 1 mile west from the intersection of 1100S Road and Indiana Route 227. If you haven't visited the Indiana state highpoint, it is only 0.4 mile south on Elliot Road. However, to visit the next three high spots in Randolph County, continue west just a short distance to a trailer and mailbox labeled "Mullins 3611" on the right side of the road. Area 4 starts here and extends north out into the field. I thought the highest spot within this contour might be in the field just north of the mailbox. Continue west on 1100S Road for about 0.15 mile to a long drive that heads north into the field, just east of some trees. I drove down this lane to the crest of the ridge and parked in the grass on the left. The ridge runs west into an adjacent field and this contour (area 5) appears to be the highest of the three in this section. Area 6 is a small spot just north of this ridge, west from the field access road, and south of a wooded area.

three areas in section 7-18N-15E (1240+ ft)

Continue west on 1100S Road. After crossing the Arba Pike, continue west for another 1.35 miles to Boundary Road. Turn right (north) and proceed almost 1.3 miles to a long driveway that runs west to a house on a gentle knoll (area 7). Mr Hollingsworth rents this property from Claude Moody, who actually owns all three of the high spots in this section. I believe the highest spot is just north of Mr Hollingsworth's house.

To visit the last two areas, drive south on Boundary Road from Mr. Hollingsworth's house about 0.4 mile to the intersection with 1000S Road. Turn right (west) and drive just past a farm located on the south side of the road. Park in a field access on the north side of the road and hike north into the field. Area 8 (40° 1.284' N, 84° 53.489' W) is about 0.15 mile north, and area 9 is a bit farther north and east in this same field, close to some brushy woods along the northern edge of the field (40° 1.348' N, 84° 53.438' W). My hand level seemed to indicate that the house (Mr Hollingsworth's) was a little higher than both of these areas, but it was getting dark, so perhaps future visitors should try to visit all three of these sites.

In summary, don't try to visit these areas in Randolph County unless all crops are harvested. Growing crops will make owners resistant to letting you enter, and will make locating and comparing areas with a hand level virtually impossible.