Rush County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 11, 2001
Author: Bob Schwab

From the center of Rushville, drive east on State Route 44 for 8 miles to the settlement of Glenwood, which is on the Rush/Fayette County Line. Turn right (south) on 800E Road and proceed about 1.1 miles to a large house and farm complex that sits on a ridge in the fields to your right. Turn in the driveway and ask at the house for permission to walk out into the bean field behind their outbuildings. On the day I visited no one appeared to be home, and even though I heard loud music playing in the hog barn, I couldn't find anyone in the outbuildings to talk to. Since I was very close at this point and the dogs appeared friendly, I went the few hundred yards southwest out into the empty bean field to the spot elevation site at (39° 36.441' N, 85° 18.413' W).

I left my card in their door, but since I didn't meet anyone, I do not know the name and address of the owner; even the mailbox was blank. This is another site that should only be attempted when the crops are harvested.

The two Fayette County high points are just a few miles east of here and can easily be combined with a trip to this site.