Saint Joseph County Highpoint Trip Report

three small areas in SW 1/4 of section 10-36N-2E (930+ ft)

Date: March 24, 2001
Author: Bob Schwab

From the US 31 bypass interchange on the south side of South Bend, Indiana, drive south 3.3 miles on US 31 to Madison Road (Citgo Station). Turn right and drive west for 1.1 miles to Locust Road. Continue west for another 0.5 mile, passing a Bison farm, to Maple, which goes off to the south. Across the street from the Maple intersection is a farmhouse with another house behind. I knocked at both homes but no one answered the door.

The first two points are in the bean field just east of these homes and north of Madison. It appears that the first point (closer to the farmhouse) is the higher of the two.

The third point sits back along a fence line that runs due north from Madison, about 0.25 mile east of the farmhouse mentioned earlier. While one could just hike along the fence line for about 0.5 mile to point 3, I thought it might be better to approach from Locust Road, where a large house sits near the top of this hill. I found the owner, Mr. Vern Casteel to be friendly. He told me that there was a marker somewhere on his property, but he had never found it. I did find his marker (BM Reliable), but it is not near the highpoint. From Mr. Casteel's house, go southwest across his lawn and another bean field to an obvious high spot along the fence line. There is a telephone pole sticking up through some underbrush, and there are a few rocks that protrude about 1 foot above the soil on the west side.

I would recommend that visitors to this site seek permission to enter. Mr. Casteel has a very large dog that appears to roam free.