Starke County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 11, 2001
Author: Bob Schwab

Two highpoints exist on the edge of a gravel pit operation, while the third is hidden away, deep in the natural woods of the area.

From the intersection of Routes 10 and 17 just west of Culver, Indiana, drive west on Route 10 for 6.5 miles to county 700E Road. Turn right and go north 1.25 miles to a sign on the right for Phil Ahleins' gravel operations. Park here and walk east on a gated gravel road that skirts a stand of pine to his gravel pit. Most of the pit extends far out to the left, but circle to the right and climb up into the woods above the southern edge of the gravel pit. At first, you may think that you should bushwhack north to the lip of the active gravel pit, but this ground has been heaped up and is not natural, even though it appears to be the highest soil in the area. Instead, go east and you will soon enter a partially open/overgrown area with a natural rise that runs roughly north-south. This spot (area 1) ends abruptly at the edge of another now abandoned gravel hole. I think the highest spot is to the north up near the edge of the active gravel pit, but there is also an obvious mound to the southeast (which may be disturbed ground). The contour in this area certainly doesn't lie like the topo map seems to indicate.

For area 2, you must either traverse around or across the old gravel pit to its eastern edge. I initially traversed around it to the north, but briars and overgrowth made me regret my choice. You can clearly see area 2 on the other side of the old gravel pit. This area is an open field and the highest spot is very near the western edge of the old gravel pit near some trees. To return to my van, I dropped down, cut across and climbed the far bank of the old pit. It was a lot easier than bushwhacking back across the narrow overgrown ridge between the gravel pits.

To visit area 3, return to Route 10 and head east 4 miles back toward Culver. Turn right (south) on County 1000 E Road and drive 1.25 miles to where the road turns sharply west. In another 0.25 mile, you will come to an intersection with 975 E Road which goes to the left (south). Take 975 E Road south and go 0.4 mile to a mailbox and long drive on the right (6575 S 975E Road). This driveway is 1.9 miles from Route 10. Turn right (west) and go all the way up the drive to the home of Ruth Kamin and ask for permission to enter her property. Circle around her barn and hike west from her house to the southwestern corner of a large field. Enter the woods and follow a low ridge southwest which connects to a higher ridge that runs roughly north-south. I found the remnants of a hunting stand near the highpoint on this ridge. There is no view, but the ground is undisturbed (unlike the first two areas in this county).