Wabash County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 1, 2001
Author: Bob Schwab

Three of the nine Wabash high points are in the extreme northwest corner of the county. The other six sites are in the extreme southeast corner, thus you will do some driving to conquer this county.

three northern areas (920+ ft)

From the settlement of Disko on the Fulton/Wabash County line, drive east on Route 114 about 1 mile to the intersection with 700 W Road. Turn left (north) and proceed about 2.4 miles to the top of a rise with an old house site and gate on the right. Park here and walk up a short path which runs east of the old home site. This is the largest of the three areas. The other two high points are out in the weedy overgrown field to the northeast. Visit these sites by walking into the field in a northeasterly direction. There is a large chicken barn on the northern edge of the field but you won't have to approach it to visit these high spots.

These areas are just a few miles east of five of the Fulton County high points, so consider a visit there as well when you are in this area.

six areas near SE corner of county (920+ ft)

From the town of La Fontaine drive south on Route 15 to the Wabash/Grant county line. Turn left (east) and drive 3.6 miles to an old barn that sits out in the field to the left. There is an obvious rise in the cornfield north and west of this barn. Hand level sightings confirm that this is clearly the highest spot in this cluster (40 deg 39.250 min N, 85 deg 38.559 min W). At one time there must have been a house near this spot because you can see brick chips in the soil near the top.

Three smaller areas to the west, northwest, and north are all lower, as is the area to the southeast near the county line. The only area not visible from the high point is a small area in the woods to the northwest, and a quick hike into the woods will confirm that this spot is not worthy of future visits by high pointers.

Return to your vehicle and proceed east another 0.1 mile to a spot just north of the mailbox across the street from a white house. This is the highest spot in the southeastern contour area in Wabash County, but notice that the map contour extends down and crosses the intersection just to the east, which is the Huntington/Wabash/Grant County corner.

Be sure to visit the intersection of Wabash, Grant, and Huntington Counties because the two highpoints for Huntington County are right here and just a few tenths of a mile east on this same road.