Washington County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 21, 2000
Author: Ron Tagliapietra

From I-65 at Scottsburg (exit 29). Drive west for 12 miles on IN 56 to Old highway 56 (it intersects new 56 several times so pay attention to the odometer - it is about 0.4 miles past the spot where the road goes through a rock cut). Turn left. Drive a half mile to Firetower Road (gravel) and turn right (notice the tower barely clearing the trees on the hill ahead). Drive a half mile to where the road makes a sharp right and park on the left shoulder. Notice the chain across the old tire tracks leading left and uphill along the edge of the woods (the nice road you passed on your left just before the turn is a driveway to the white house and ends there). The no trespassing sign hangs from the chain face down. Folks at the tiny store a half mile beyond this spot advised me that it is still state land and that locals still go up there. It is less than a tenth mile walk to the base of the tower on the dirt track, a second better track veers into the woods from where you parked but does not ascend to the lookout. The tower seems to sit on the highest ground, but its lower steps have been removed. No view.