Barber County Highpoint Trip Report

28 areas (2040+ ft)

Date: May 11, 2004
Author: Bob Martin

These areas, near the western edge of the county, are almost all in pasture. They are near US160. Many can be driven. Reach the junction of US160 and the Sun City Road by driving south from Sun City, by driving almost 4 miles east of the Barber county line on US160, or by driving US160 east from Medicine Lodge. Drive south from this junction and immediately reach 4 minor areas near the road. Continue south through a large area, giving some walking to discover its hp. You can drive west-northwest through 2 other large areas and walk to 2 smaller ones.

Return to the highway and drive a mile plus west to the high point of the road. Two areas are short walks south. A walk north takes you to a larger area. Several small areas around it can be eliminated with the level. Next, drive almost a half mile west to a road leading north. You can drive north a quarter mile and walk west to a small area.

The remaining areas are on the vast Rusk Ranch. Reach the entry gate by driving another mile west on US160. Find 2 areas along the road on the way into the ranch. With permission, drive ranch roads not shown on the topo into the large area west of the entry road. You can drive through the large area and close to the smaller ones northwest and east of it. The 3 areas to the southwest are lower.