Clark County High Point Trip Report

11 areas (2,600+ ft)

Date: July 29, 2003
Author: Bob Martin

These areas are scattered. One is north of Minneola. From the junction of US54 and US283, drive north a mile on US283 and east 0.2 mile to a house on the left. With permission, walk to the hp which is behind the house at a fence line beyond penned dogs and other animals.

Three areas are north of US54 near the Meade county line. Reach the eastern one by driving west 4 1/2 miles from the highway junction in Minneola and almost a half mile north. With permission, walk west a couple hundred yards to a small hill in this walk-in hunting area. Return to US54, drive a mile plus to the county line. Drive north and find small areas east of the road at 0.6 mile and one mile.

For the other 7 areas, drive south of US54 on the county line road for 1.6 miles, east a half mile, and north to a house. With permission, follow the topo to walk to the 7 areas. The one northeast of the house may be the highest of this group. The 2 smallest ones are hard to spot.