Clay County Highpoint Trip Report

one area (1,510+ feet)

Date: September 28, 2008
Author: Bill Schuler

Idana Quad - SE 1/4 of section 10
Coleman Atlas page 36-C2

On US-24, 7 miles west of Clay Center, at Frontier Road, zero your odometer.

0.0   US-24 at Frontier Road – Go south on Frontier Road.
4.0   14th Road (CR-827) – Turn right (west).
5.8   Deer Trail Road – Turn left (south) –
        Many turns in the road but stay on the pavement.

11.6 9th Road (CR-404) – Turn left (east).
13.6 Elk Road – Turn left (north) onto dirt.
14.6 Track ahead – Still OK for cars but go slow.
15.6 End of Road – Park.

The high point is 0.4 mile northwest. Hop the fence and follow the fence line to the ridge then go north to the highest contour. It’s a big area so you have to roam around until you’re satisfied. Watch out for the cows and snakes.