Crawford County High Point Trip Report

one small area on north county line (1,090+ ft)

Date: March 11, 2001
Author: Jon Mann

This small area is (with permission) an unique drive-up - through a pasture that is passable by car.

From the small town of Walnut, on KS 146, head north on Magnolia street (eastern edge of town). There are signs to the Walnut cemeteries. Head on the first paved, then good gravel road 5 miles to the Crawford/Bourbon county line, which is not marked by a sign. There is a road that comes from the west, but does not continue on to the east. Pass the county line into Bourbon county. The land on the east side is owned by Mr. Shireman (?) who lives in the house on the west side of the road. He was a bit skeptical of my request, but agreed to let me traverse the fence line on his property. He then suggested I drive through an open gate just north of his house to the hilltop. After questioning whether it was passable in my rental, I did as directed - driving through the pasture to a large tree on the hilltop. I parked, found what I felt was the highest spot along the fence line and stuck my foot through the fence back into Crawford County.