Dickinson County Highpoint Trip Report

one small area in section 33-16S-1E (1,590+ ft)

Date: May 4, 2008
Author: Bob Schwab

This scenic highpoint nestled in the Gypsum Hills was in my opinion one of the best in Kansas but gaining permission to visit may require some patience. After driving around and scouting the area for an hour or so (some roads on the topo map no longer exist), I met a friendly rancher and his wife who gave me the name of the property owner. I called the land owner, Mr. Keith Lauer (785 479-2288) and tried to explain what I wanted to do. Mr. Lauer didnít know he owned the county highpoint and was quite interested in where I thought the highpoint was located (Iíve subsequently sent him a topo map). He gave me permission to visit his land but said that his only legal access to that site was through some property owned by Mr. Gilbert. I then drove down to Mr. Gilbertís house (on the south side of 200 Road, just east of the Barn Road/200 Road intersection) but no one was home.

The following day I was on his doorstep at 7:30am (before he went to work) and I obtained his permission to use the access path/road that crosses his land. Since the access point is heavily posted, be sure to get both Mr. Gilbertís and Mr. Lauerís permission before trying this one. Iíd even suggest you leave a note on your car explaining that you have permission to enter this land, since I was challenged by a man on a tractor who saw me parking opposite the posted gate.

Anyway, once permissions have been obtained, drive east from the town of Gypsum on Route 4 to the Saline/Dickinson County line. Continue east on Route 4 for one mile to Barn Road. Turn right and drive south on Barn Road for 4 miles to 200 Road. Turn left and note Mr. Gilbertís home on your right. Continue east on 200 Road then turn south for a total of 0.7 mile and park opposite the posted gate.

Hike east into the pasture, following a grassy track to a second gate. After crossing the second gate, the path bends around, rises steeply, and becomes badly eroded. After cresting the hill, the path drops down to a third gate which marks Mr. Lauerís property. Continue up the track to a second ridge with a really nice view. Looking east from here, you will see a valley with several ponds in it. Continue on the track (which is much less prominent) down into the valley. Cross the stream by using the dam which holds the southernmost pond and hike through the grass and scattered junipers up the ridge to the east. The highpoint area is near some small junipers on the northern reach of the ridge. There is a small ledge and a few rocks you can sit on near the top.

I really liked this little valley and the views. Total hike is about 3 miles.