Doniphan County Highpoint Trip Report

two areas in section 3-3S-12E (1,200+ ft)

Date: November 17, 2004
Author: Bob Schwab

From the center of Wathena, KS, drive 6.3 miles northwest on US 36 to Ottumwa Road (dirt). This intersection is immediately west of a roadside rest area with a picnic table and a historical marker. Turn north on Ottumwa and in 0.2 mile bear right, and in another 0.35 mile (0.55 cumulative mile) bear left. Continue north another 1.3 miles (1.85 cumulative miles) to a drive on the right that heads toward a tall tower. Park here and walk northeast from the tower to the highpoint (Area 1). The highest ground is south of the cornfield and just west of the beans in an area of hay and weeds.

To visit Area 2, continue north on Ottumwa Road another 0.2 mile or so, passing the intersection with 215th Road. Note the two lonely spruce trees on your left. There is a field access here that divides the corn from the beans (the buildings are gone). The highest ground is in the cornfield west of the spruce trees and just south of a curious hand pump in the adjacent bean field.