Edwards County Highpoint Trip Report

five areas including spot elevation 2,361 (2,360+ ft)

Date: November 24, 2007
Author: John Mitchler

Found in south central Kansas, this flat, easy CoHP is only a few miles from the Pawnee CoHP. Bob Martin described an approach from the north (on KS 158, go 0.7 mile east of Burdett, turn south and go 10 miles on a paved road, turn right on D Road and go 3 miles to the north end of a large contour area). From the west, on KS 158, go 6 miles east of Jetmore, turn right (south) on 224 Road for 1.5 miles, turn left (east) on I Road for 4 miles, turn right (south) on a good paved road for 4 miles, turn left (east) in Orwell for 6 miles (continuing straight after 4 miles), turn left (north) for 1 mile, turn right (east) onto I Road for 2 miles to the south end of the section with the large contour area.

At the point where the north-south county line road (10th Avenue) is crossed by I Road in Hodgeman which turns to E Road in Edwards, continue east on poor dirt E Road, for a half mile. Note the rise on the left (north) which is bisected by a fence separating crop and fallow land. This may be the CoHP. Hand leveling shows this to be at least high or higher than the large area to the northwest, perhaps because it’s less plowed. The other two “rises” in the field are west of the high fenced rise and are very flat and lower.

From the junction of 10th Avenue and E Road, go north for 0.9 mile and do as Bob suggests, walk the edge of the field which appears to be the highest within this large contour area. The fifth rise is a mile to the east, just north of the county road and appears to be eroded and lower. I leveled back and forth and my gut feels that the southern rise along E Road is highest. Someone can test my gut with theirs.