Elk County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 18, 2001
Author: Bill Jacobs

From Beaumont proceed 4.5 miles south to the road-crest, signpost 150th Street. Note, another half mile down the road is Butler County cohp. Turn east on 150th and drive to the top of the hill amidst several oil rigs. This road can be extremely muddy during rains. At this juncture you are near the tricounty point of Butler, Elk, and Greenwood Counties.

The highpoint is off to the east and is a rather large area resembling a lobster pincher extending southward from the northern edge of the county. Several valleys must be crossed and an extensive area must be cross-transversed to ensure coverage.

As I recall, there was no fence at the county line but there was one back to the west at the oil rigs which could be used as a back reference to gauge the approximate county line.

Suspect this land belonged to the same Mr. Farrell of Butler County and permission in advance could be gained from him to cross these fields.