Ellsworth County High Point Trip Report

one area on west county line (1,940+ ft)

Date: March 10, 2001
Author: Jon Mann

Note: Distances are from Kansas route 4 where it crosses the Barton/Ellsworth County Line.

Go North on the county line road 4.8 miles (the roads are generally on the section lines, 1 mile apart). You will see an active oil pump on the right side. The pump is not in the contour area, but the road to it is - but this is not the highest area in the contour. Continue 1/4 mile, turn right (sign points to Holyrood). A tenth of a mile or so on the left are some oil storage tanks - there is a gravel shoulder there that you can park in, amidst some very strong sulfur smells. The high area is in the wheat field immediately to the south of the oil tanks, on a slight ridge. There are no houses in the area, so I had no idea where to knock for permission. The field is not fenced. The ground was just beginning to thaw, so it wasn't super muddy. This highpoint would be best done in the winter, or after harvest.