Grant County Highpoint Trip Report

one area on the west county line (3,220+ ft)

Date: October 9, 2004
Author: Bill Schuler

From the intersection of US 50/400 and State Highway 25 in Lakin KS, zero odometer.

  0.0 US 50/400 and Highway 25 - go south and southwest on Highway 25.
13.8 CR 34 - turn right (west)
22.8 Hamilton/Kearny County line at CR B - turn left (south)
25.8 Quad county corner for Hamilton/Kearny/Stanton/Grant - go straight
        ahead (south) if you have a high-clearance vehicle, or park and walk.
26.2 The high point is near two silos.

A gentleman came out on his tractor to see what I was doing. He didn't know that the area was the Grant County high point and was amazed that I would come all the way from California just to be there for a few minutes. I often wonder the same thing.