Gray County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 19, 2002
Authors: Walt & Karen O'Neil

From Garden City, go east on US 50 and 400. When the highway turns southeast, there is a turn-off to the left (Poleline Road). Go east on Poleline Road for 3.5 miles to the county line at Mennonite Road. One point is 0.1 mile south on this road. Park there and walk around to the east (the west side is Finney County).

Head back to Poleline Road (Road D in Gray County) and head east 0.65 mile to a tank. Park and go north and south but the road appears to be higher.

Head back to the county line and go north for 2 miles. At the corner is elevation 2881 and the contour goes just south of it, not appearing to gain anything. Another spot in the field looks well plowed and a non-candidate.

Go another mile north. There are 2 more plowed-over areas that can be disregarded. Go another 0.2 mile north to the Finney County line and another 2881-foot point is there.

My guess for the highpoint is by the tank on Road D. Poleline Road and D Road are paved. Mennonite Road is also Road 1 in Gray County.