Harper County Highpoint Trip Report

seven areas (1,740 ft)

Date: October 6, 2006
Author: Denis Dean

From Nashville, KS go south on 170th Avenue to Ridge Road (paved). East on Ridge Road to the Harper county line. At the county line take a dirt road south.

Area 1 is a large liner containing the 1748 foot spot elevation which extends nearly the entire mile from ridge road to where the road bends to the east.

Area 2 is another liner just south of where the road bends to the east. It seemed lower than both area 1 and area 3.

Area 3 is a large liner south of area 2. I could not tell if it was higher than area 1.

To reach areas 4 and 5, go east on the road just north of area 2 for 1 mile, then north to a spot in the road where there is a gap in the fence on the east side of the road. This is area 4.

Area 5 is on the opposite (west) side of the dirt road from area 4, in an area that looks like it used to contain a homestead.

I continued north to Ridge Road and turned left (west). Go about 3/4 mile to a small rise in the road. I parked here and hiked south to areas 6 and 7.

All areas were in unposted cultivated fields. This was a nice place to watch the sunrise.