Jewell County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: April 10, 2007
Author: Andy Martin

Based on feedback from Mike Schwartz and Bob Schwab, I was able to confirm the new listing for Burr Oak NW quad as 5 areas at 1960+ feet (old listing was 6 areas). The small BM 1961 area at the top of the quad can be discarded after examining the overlapping Amboy KS/NE quad. This is a bit tricky, as overlapping quads are rare and these quads have different contour intervals as well.

The count is illustrated by a gif file uploaded here. Topozone shows the "vanishing" area here. In this view it is clear that it need not be counted.

Additional note from Bob Schwab: All the contours are confined to just three sections (6/7/8-1S-10W) and they’re located roughly at 39-59-16N, 98-29-37W using NAD27. The Amboy Quad contains a single 1970-foot contour (as well as a 1969-foot BM) but the other two areas are drawn in 20-foot increments, so they display 1960-footcontours. The problem is finding six 1960-foot contours in the Burr Oak Quad. Only five exist, one of which is the overlap with the Amboy quad. Perhaps the original there can be confusion with the barn at the southeast tip of the large area in section 6 as a small contour.