Kingman County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: October 6, 2006
Author: Denis Dean

I left early in the morning from Pratt, KS, drove south on US 281 to Sawyer, then east on SR 42 to the Kingman county line. Turn right (south) onto a dirt road which is the Kingman/Barber county line. After about 0.5 mile the main road bends to the east and a faint dirt track continues south. I followed the dirt track a short way to some sort of pumping structure where I parked my truck.

It was still dark, so I took my flashlight and walked south between two fence lines which were about 50 feet apart. The area is overgrown and there was enough "sticker grass" that I was glad I was wearing jeans. As you continue south you come to a little gully. Stay to the left of this and go up a slight hill. Near the top of the hill hop a fence. You are now in Kingman county and the CoHP appears to be near a pipe.

Upon returning to my car I pulled about 30 prickly stickers off my jeans and boots.