Kingman County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: November 24, 2007
Author: John Mitchler

The sandy hill country of south central Kansas is the venue for this fair rise along a fence. Find a way to get to Nashville KS, either by going south from US 54 or east from US 281. From Nashville, go north on KS 42 for 2 miles and then west for 2 miles. This is the west edge of Kingman County. Turn left (south) on SW 190 Avenue and go 0.9 mile. This road curves to the right (west) but you go straight (south) for another tenth of a mile (or walk it if you donít like the looks of this lane). The lane can be driven until it ends in a wall of fir.

Go to the right and follow the fence south as the land descends and the rises to the obvious highpoint. The soil is sandy, the relief is significant, and the footpath along the fence helps you through the vegetation. It may be wise to ask for permission at this unposted but out-of-the-way site.