Lane County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: November 24, 2007
Author: John Mitchler

Set in treeless west central Kansas, this easy cohp is along a county road. From the south edge of Scott City, go south on US 83 for 7 miles to Shallow Water. Go left (east) on Road 70 for 13 miles, passing the Lane-Scott county line at 12 miles. The road becomes 1074 Road in Lane. After penetrating Lane County for a mile, zero the odometer and go right (south) on dirt Arapahoe. At 0.7 mile, note the rise to the right (west) which is a lower candidate area. At mile 1.0, park.

Enjoy the view to the south as the land drops away for 50 feet. From your parked vehicle, the high ground appears to be to the south and right and the south and left. The weeds have nasty stickers.