Lincoln County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 23, 2000
Author: John Mitchler

Located half-way across Kansas (from either direction!), this rangeland bluff is just off I-70.

At Exit 206, go north on a good paved road, KS232, the Post Rock Scenic Highway. The road passes Avenue B and gains the top of bluff. Avenue A extends off to the right (east). At 1.5 miles from I-70, park your car at the Ellsworth-Lincoln county line. If you continued driving north you would descend to Hell Creek and Wilson Lake.

From your vehicle, walk the county fence line to the west as it descends 150' into a gully and then rises 170' to a bluff (I count 320' of gain for this HP). The fence ends at another fence which forms the Ellsworth-Lincoln-Russell county junction. The highest point is just north of the fence corner, along the fence line. The high contour area extends a bit to the northeast, but the HP is along the fence. The land appears higher to the west in Russell County. Note the stone fence posts which support the fence. The area is famous for this. The ranchers used Niobrara Limestone for fence posts because of lack of wood. The casual observer will notice that the limestone outcrops along the fence line are rich in brachiopod shell fossils. For the more cultural among us, drive 1 mile south of Exit 206 on I-70, to the large town of Wilson, the so-called "Czech Capitol of Kansas."