Lyon County Highpoint Trip Report

four areas in sections 32/33-15S-11E (1,530+ ft)

Date: March 22, 2008
Author: Bob Schwab

Leave the Kansas Turnpike (Interstate 335) at exit 147 and drive west on US 56 for 10.5 miles. You will pass by the small town of Allen about 2.6 miles before arriving at Road H2. Turn right and drive north on Road H2 for about 2.5 miles to an obvious tower on your right. I tried to find someone at home at the old white ranch house about a mile south, as well as the large green and brown house about 0.75 mile west, but no one was home at either location. Given that the gates near the tower were not posted, I parked there, wrote a note of explanation which I left on my car, and began to hike east.

After entering the pasture, pick up a faint path that meanders around a draw to a gate in the fence that marks the treaty boundary. After crossing the fence, head northeast toward a solitary post that marks a watering trough which is just north of the first small area. Continue east crossing a small ravine to the largest area. Two more smaller areas are roughly 0.2 and 0.3 mile north. The southeastern (largest) area seemed to be the highest, based on my shaky hand level (it was really windy!).

Total round trip to visit all four areas is about 2.6 miles.