Mitchell County Highpoint Trip Report

three areas in sections 3/10-9S-10W (1,900+ ft)

Date: May 4, 2008
Author: Bob Schwab

From Route 181 in the center of Hunter, drive north on 150 Road for 4 miles (only the first 2 miles are paved) to T Road. Turn left at T Road and drive west about 1.2 miles on a fairly sound two-track road that could give you a bit of trouble if you donít have high clearance. This road services a communications tower that has been erected on the small northern area.

Park at the gate and walk 0.15 mile farther west on the service path to the tower to visit area 1. The only posting I saw was on the high fence surrounding the tower but itís not necessary to get inside this enclosure because the ground is pretty flat. Walk around the fence and call it good.

From the tower, hike west along the northern edge of the east-west fence line for 0.15 mile, cross the fence, and continue west-southwest for roughly another 0.15 mile to area 2 out in the grass/pasture.

From area 2, stay on the highest ground and hike south-southeast for another 0.35 mile along a ridge to area 3 where the largest contour is located.

I thought areas 2 and 3 both seemed higher than area 1 but I didnít use my hand level to check because of the tall (old) grass in the field. Visit all the areas and decide for yourself.