Morton County High Point Trip Report

Date: January 10, 1998
Author: John Mitchler

This county has 1 large flat northern area and 12 hills in the southern area. The northern area is on the flats just north of the Cimarron River along the state line; handlevel indicates the HP is 1.25 mi south of SH51. By the way, there is a road, cr1 along the state line south of SH51 which is not on the topo. Then drive east and south to cross the Cimarron River, either using a cr or sh21.

Be sure to stop at Point of Rocks, a key landmark of the Cimarron Cutoff on the Santa Fe Trail. There are good national grassland camp/picnic sites in this locale.

The south area is hilly rangeland on the south breaks of the Cimarron valley. Of the 12 areas, I used a hand level from each hill to narrow down the candidates to 5 hills:

1. large area at se corner of sec.
2. large area from center of southline of sec.
3. defined hill in ne of sw sw of sec., just northwest of 2
4. northwesterly-most isolated hill
5. sw corner of sec.

Areas 1 and 3 and 5 are probably highest. Area 5 is immediately north of the trashy but scenic CO-KS-OK Tri-State Point so I vote that this is the HP of the southern area. You still have to visit the northern area near SH 51 though.