Neosho County High Point Trip Report

2 small areas on the north county line (1,100+ ft)

Date: March 11, 2001
Author: Jon Mann

From the town of Porterville, KS head west on KS 39 to the Neosho/Bourbon county line. Turn right (north) on York Rd 1 mile to Alabama Road. Turn left on Alabama Road 0.1 mile to first area. Alabama Road runs along the Allen/Neosho county line. The first area, which shows a house and a barn on the topo, only has a shed left, and the foundation of the house. The entire area is fenced, and is now a cattle pasture. There is a sign offering $1000 reward for information about anyone Hunting, Vandalizing, or committing Arson on the site. I didn't notice a smaller rusted out No Trespassing sign until I had gotten the point. I hopped the gate, and went to the high ground, which is just south of the house foundation. The second point is 3/10 mile further west on Alabama Road. This is a very small area of the contour that barely crosses the county line. It is fenced here, with a ditch and row of Osage Oranges. Other than the clearly man-made ditch and embankment that the Osage Oranges are planted on, the land south of the fence is lower than the road, so I didn't hop the fence here - the first area is the high area.