Ness County High Point Trip Report

five areas (2,680+ ft)

Date: July 30, 2003
Author: Bob Martin

These areas are north and south of KS96 on the west county line. The problem is to find the hp of big flat areas. From KS96 at the Lane-Ness county line, drive south 4.2 miles. Here you are on one small area and another is just northeast, neither of which are the cohp. Drive on south and enter the hugh area, which is some 3 miles long. Continue south along the road and search for the hp. You'll probably find it south of road 80 near the 2685 point on the topo.

For the other area you need to get north to KS4 at the Lane-Ness county line. Here your within the mile+ long contour. Drive a little north and a mile+ south to search for the hp. You'll find the road edge to be higher than anything east in the fields.