Norton County High Point Trip Report

Date: March, 2000
Author: John Mitchler

NW part of KS near NE state line, 17 miles west of Norton on US 36. This HP consists of a single area with its highest part in the Norcatur Cemetery located at the northeast corner of town at an intersection of two county roads.

The highest ground is in the central and southern part of the cemetery. The entrance to the cemetery is on the south side and has a metal arch with the dates 1888 - 1909. The topo shows an unmarked BM on the north edge of the cemetery. Actually, this is 1 pace outside the cemetery and 6 paces south of the RR tracks and reads "Norcatur 1950."

There's a tie for best gravestone: one has a lawn mower engraved on it and one is made of many mineral & rock specimens, capped by a chunk of polished petrified wood.

Mitchler rating: B (1 area, trivial gain at road, public cemetery)