Pawnee County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: November 24, 2007
Author: John Mitchler

I used Bob Martinís approach. If you drive east on the nearly overgrown track road along the Edwards-Pawnee county line, stay on the north side of the fence. The weeds are 10 feet tall on the south side. The north-south 360 Road is a welcome relief after the bush-drive along mighty G Road. I advise you take a compass or GPS. The terrain is rolling and clouds/precipitation/night can get you off-bearing. There is a north-south fence to cross after a quarter mile, and thereís a north-south fence at the highpoint. It may be best to approach this cohp by driving 0.8 mile south on 360 Road off of H Road. Reach this from the north by going 0.7 mile east of Burdett on KS 158, then south for 6 miles on a paved road, and driving 2 miles west on H Road to 360 Road; then go south 0.8 mile.