Sedgwick County Highpoint Trip Report

four areas (1,540+ and 1,545+ ft)

Date: December 24, 2004
Author: Kevin Baker

I decided to do the cohp's near some of my in-law's while in the area for Christmas. I approached these 4 areas from the south via US-54. There is no sign identifying the Sedgwick-Reno county line on divided 54, so I took the first exit past where I thought the county line was, 343rd Street W. I drove 2.5 miles north on this road to 13th Street N, went right on it to 311th Street W which is the county line (2 miles). This road is also called Woodberry Street. Take a left (north) on 311th and proceed about 0.3 mile past the intersection with Smoots Creek road.

Area 1 is a long 1545+ foot contour in the southwest corner of section 31 (Garden Plain quad). This area is in a wheat field with a very indiscernible rise. The 2nd area is on a row of trees 0.5 mile north of the Smoots creek intersection. The hp is along this row of trees. Area 3 is to the northeast of the row of trees and it looks like it has been cultivated away, as Bob Martin mentioned. This is a very small contour. The hp along the row of trees appears to be higher than hp #1. Area 4 is 1.2 miles north of the row of trees in section 30 (Mt. Hope quad) right off the road. This area is obvious.

I completed these in about an hour.