Wilson County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 20, 2001
Author: Bob and Dotty Martin

This venture is complicated by the fact that US400, a newer road, is not shown on the topo. We didn't get there the best way, but I think it would be best to drive east on US400 a shade over two miles from the Butler-Greenwood county line. At this point there is a sign pointing north to "J&S Orchard." Turn right and drive south no more than a quarter mile to the first road on the left. Drive east about a half mile and look for an underground house on the left. This is the home of the Lee Whites.

When we were there, Lee wasn't home but we visited with Mrs. White. She told us about the high-fence enclosure on their property across the road that currently wasn't fencing any animal life. She said that she thought the benchmark, New Albany, 1129, was the high point of the county. She said that Lee had found the benchmark for the highway people when the new road was being built.

Mrs. White let us through the gate across the road south of their house and directed us across a bridge and then said go left toward the benchmark. The benchmark was easy to find in a rocky area. Actually, the benchmark at 1129 feet is not quite in the 1130-foot contour but there is not much higher ground near it.

The second area, a short distance southeast, would from the map appear to be higher, but the tree cover is too dense to permit checking with the level.

As we were walking back, Lee White rode up in an ATV. He wanted to be sure we had found the benchmark and we assured him we had. Then we had a lengthy conversation with him. He and Mrs. White seemed to be genuinely pleased to have some visitors.

The third area is about midway between the new highway US 400 and KS39. North of it on KS39 are private properties gated at the highway. Perhaps permission could be obtained to enter from the north. Entry from the south entails crossing a right-of-way fence on the north side of US400, passing through an open area, and finding the high point in a wooded area.